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Raphaël Regnier

I’m a digital designer, with a holistic approach who likes breaking down and overcoming challenges.

Since 2013 I’ve worked for large brands like Mustela, Lactalis, Sportel and Carrefour, national institutions like the CNRS and the ONF International, and I’ve handled important production volumes working for smaller businesses from different industries.

I love designing thoughtful experiences and their components. Whether I’m crafting an identity, an interface, a flow or an animation, I’m always focused on its purpose and integration with its environment.

The desire of understanding a product’s ins and outs pushes me to interact with stakeholders from all spheres. Beyond design, over the years I have broadened my knowledge of other aspects that shape a workpiece such as development and marketing.

In 2018, I co-founded Liminal, a cooperative musical app. For the past two years, this thrilling adventure has been enriching in many ways. The project won a Inria grant for innovative startups. It was an incredible opportunity to collaborate with teams of researchers and engineers at the state of the art of computer sciences. It was also instructive business-wise. I participated to the ‘Founders 101’ workshop at the EM Lyon Business School, and I was coached daily by experienced entrepreneurs from Inria’s Sophia Antipolis chapter. And I got to experiment with new creative fields like music and scenography.

I love geometry, typography, minimalism and motion. As a designer, I aim to harmoniously combine aesthetics and functionality to resolve the exciting matters of modern interfaces.

I’m currently available for work and would be glad to discuss your team’s needs. Feel free to contact me!

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Product
  • Product
  • Product
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